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Author Topic:   tie rod clearance
booting left
posted May 29, 2001 10:49 AM
Get the torch out!! Cut the spring pocket and the horn to make clearance. You can also lower your tie rod on the spindle and raise your ride heights. FYI, I have done all.

posted May 29, 2001 02:55 PM
I just bump steered a Chevelle frame with Pinto spindles and I can tell you that without a spacer between the steering arms and tire rod ends, the tie rod WILL hit the frame.

posted May 29, 2001 05:46 PM
If your stuck with using stock parts(no outer Heim tie rod ends), you're gonna have to bend the steering arm down so it is close to level with the bottom ball joint boss. Then go to the parts store and get a outer tie rod end for a mid 80's dodge 1/2 ton 4wd..this will gain you about 2 1/2"..But, even after all this you still have to notch the frame for clearance...If you run IMCA I think you can use heims for outer tie rod ends.

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