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Author Topic:   Best Ignition system?
posted May 25, 2001 04:12 PM
Points or No? Dual Points? Or?

posted May 25, 2001 06:20 PM
I can't beleive that you asked about points. I would only un electronic ignitions. I like my Performance Distributors HEI. Or an HEI with MSD parts in it. They are simple and work well.

posted May 25, 2001 08:18 PM
I've had great luck with MSD. No problems in the 7 years I've been using it. It does give you more horsepower too which is one reason why you won't see too many late models without them. Most of the LM guys around here can't give thier mags away because everyone wants MSD. The reliability is there, but like anything else sometimes you get a bad apple.

posted May 26, 2001 09:36 PM
I would also have to say MSD is the way to go. I ran HEI for years and switched to MSD 2 years ago, and noticed a great performance advantage over HEI. Haven't had an trouble with ignition system since going to MSD.

posted May 27, 2001 09:51 AM
The reason why so many competitors have a spare ignition box with a switch is because YOU CAN with that setup. Redundancy is just insurance, not an indication that something may be unreliable.

Walk around the pits, Pickles, and look at what your competitors are running.

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