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Author Topic:   mod chassis
posted May 25, 2001 01:25 PM
First thing, about all the different makes you mentioned their not all copys of each other each chassis is designed with aspecific a genda in mind,setups, springs,scaling are all different.if you want to build your own chassis be more specific on your goals. left side, rear, what type suspension ,theese paramenters all make a difference in the design of a chassis .back to you later LITTLEMAN

posted May 25, 2001 03:56 PM

posted May 25, 2001 05:11 PM
Our chassis is different:73 Chevelle frame, ford C/V lowers, Pinto spindles, Dodge van tie rods, 4bar rear with a long panhard bar behind the rear,& a 5th spring type torque arm.

posted May 29, 2001 01:33 AM
i think that part of the problem is the "throw away chassis" cars are so light that one good hit and the chassis is gone! its seems to me that no one would spend the time it takes, to come up with new ideas, like what you are talking about when you have to worry about being 400# over weight and then under horsepowered! also when dirt works has 7 or 8 guys running house cars and trying new set ups every week it becomes hard to get the same repeatabilty as them. i on the other hand dont mind it ( mostly because im not rich and cannt afford a new chassis). i got an older arrow chassis from up north (South Dakota). it was suposed to be a d.w. take off but they put it on a impala chassis not a metric one. last year we put on a 2-link with a pull bar and seemed to do ok with it. i put adjustable uppers on it this year and finally the chassis is working. the impala chassis is 2" wider in the front than the metric one. i think this gives me a little better corner in stablity than the narrow chassis does.? but i also have to run alot more angle on my j-bar! i guess what im saying is money is a big factor and if you have more time than money it is amazing what you will come up with!!!

posted July 10, 2001 12:23 PM           
There are chassis out there that are trying different things. The problem is that not many racers want to buy an untested design so manufacturers make what they can sell. Shryock R&D's designs all the time for Harris. Only the successful elements make it to production. Hoover makes a longer wheelbase car. Lots of others doing similar work that you rarely hear about because it gets tested before it goes to the production models.

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