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Author Topic:   Setup Help....
posted May 14, 2001 01:32 PM
Ok guys here's what we got.
We run on a semi banked 1/4 mile, the track is normally dry slick with a few tacky spots down the shoots.
I have a 95 GRT rear suspension is 4 bar with a 5th link.
Springs- 600 -800
225- 175
LR spring is behind the rearend and the RR is in front.
5th link- 200
Weight %- 54.5 Left
57.8 rear
48.5 cross
Upper trailing arms are at 15 degrees and lower bars are at 3 degrees.
Panhard bar is a 26.5" bar set at 10 degree downhill from left side frame mount.
We run the Hoosier A 40 tire and run about 2" of stagger.

All the rear bars and brakes are floated.

The car is a tic loose on entry but pretty good in the middle of the corner.
Coming off she's loose and has little if any forward bite.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

posted May 14, 2001 02:06 PM
to increase forward bite...increase cross...

posted May 14, 2001 02:59 PM
won't increasing the cross also loosing the car on entry?
One thing I forget to mention before is the LR bite... 85 #'s..

posted May 14, 2001 04:50 PM           
rear suspension is 4 bar with a 5th link.

The car is a tic loose on entry
Coming off she's loose and has little if any forward bite.

Sounds like a typical four link situation, try AFCO's site, they mention exactly what you have.

Too Many Black Flags not enough Checkers!

posted May 14, 2001 05:44 PM
Thanks for your number Chris. So you need forward bite??? Come to Medford where we have new clay!!!

posted May 14, 2001 05:55 PM
I would start by putting LR sring in front. Maybe more wedge. Why such a large spring split in front?

posted May 14, 2001 06:28 PM
Hey Mark... If I did that then I would have to come on here and ask for advice on how to re-enforce my body panels, bumpers and door bars. <g>
jk of course buddy..

posted May 14, 2001 06:31 PM
Moving the LR spring was one of the items we were going to do this week.
We went with the split in the front to try to tighten the car up on entry.
We were running reverse front springs with a 800 on LF and a 750 on the RF but it felt like it was falling over on the RF to much.

posted May 14, 2001 07:50 PM
Hey Chris i got some info for ya give me a call tonight and dont change a thing till after the nats and the twin 25

posted May 15, 2001 12:44 AM
your going the wrong way if your triing to tighten the car with the front springs, softer rf or stiffer lf will tighten the car. i'd also suggest alot less stagger and more diagonal. more diagonal can loosen entry if the car is significantly slowed with the rear of the car, but its trial and error to determine at what point it occurs. I'd also suggest a little more rr lead, if will tighten the car as a whole but with the greatest effect on exit. I also recommend the afco website for general 4-link information. the d-40 is a much better tire than the a-40, unless as mentioned the track is abrasive. the a-40 tend to go away once they have been heat cycled. i run d-40's almost exclusively except on tracks that have taken alot of rubber.
as far as spring location, i assume they are not mounted on the bird cages. the arrangement that you have will de-wedge the car under accel and add wedge during decel. by moving the lr to the front and the rr behind this effect will be reversed.

posted May 15, 2001 05:34 AM
I would also close up that spring split in front. Try the 750 in LF and the 800 rf. Let us know how the car was this weekend after changes.

posted May 15, 2001 10:23 AM
Woofindirt, I think you might be mistaken on the spring location. If his birdcages are floated, he has them correct to tighten the car under power. If they are clamped, then the left goes in front. Chris, I agree that you should leave it alone until after the Nationals. You have to give a Southern boys a chance.

posted May 15, 2001 10:29 AM
that is what i ment, if the springs arent on the b/c's, sorry if i wasn't clear on my response.

posted May 15, 2001 11:02 AM
First off thanks for all of the help guys..

wfo- The springs are on the BC's.

As far as the tires go I would love to run the D40 but our track rule is A40 only.
Actually we have 3 tires to choose from, the G60, Hoosier A40 or an 8" Goodyear.
I like the Hoosier better as it seems to have a little more side bite than the G60.

I don't have a 750 front spring so we'll try a 700 in the LF and increase the LR bite to 110 #'s.
I'll let ya know how it worked, thanks again.

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