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Author Topic:   Body mounting
posted April 13, 2001 11:58 AM
I just finished mounting mine; the whole right side with Dzus fasteners. I didn't do the left side because I didn't want a chance for that to fall off.
As far as I could see, there isn't anything in the rules to prevent doing the entire car that way.

posted April 13, 2001 05:37 PM
i used dzus fasteners on the right side of a modified that had a fifth-arm. allowed for easier access to make adjustments. worked well but we kept a good body on it most of the time. If the body gets beat up alot you will encounter alignment problems over time. But as far as i know it is legal in most modified sanctioning bodies.
posted April 16, 2001 09:23 PM
Thanks, I will be changing over to dzus button the next time I remove the right side.