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Author Topic:   Ohio EPA
posted March 25, 2001 08:01 AM
Our foolish elected leaders have now said that all fuel storage tanks must be underground. This makes it impossible for most Ohio tracks to sell fuel. If you come here to Ohio to race, bring your own fuel. Cause chances are the track wont have any!

posted March 25, 2001 07:21 PM
Couldn't a local fuel supplier in a tanker come and sell fuel trackside? That would eliminate any storage concerns at the track. Just wondering?

posted March 29, 2001 07:53 PM
I called them today. ( 1 800 523- 3581)The federal gov has set guidelines for the fire
depts to follow. The state is doing this "make work" project to comply. They are not
trying to shut tracks down, just want to have a safe storage" people not
standing on tanks watching races"..ect ect I feel they are being honest and the 2
tracks that were shut down was more about other things than just fuel... Gene
Email/ web

posted March 30, 2001 01:51 AM
Since most dirt tracks have equiptment to play in the dirt, they'll prolly just bury the tanks if they want to sell fuel. If not they'll go back to the old way and let the parts peddlers bring in the fuel. What tracks got shut down?