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Author Topic:   Left Side = Multileaf, Right Side = Monoleaf+Coil.........What?????????
posted February 12, 2001 10:49 PM
I seen this recently posted in another forum. I was wondering how this works, if it works very well, and the good/bad luck you guys have had with this kind of setup. Could be something to try if there is a positive response!

posted February 13, 2001 07:41 AM
Where was the original discussion?

posted February 13, 2001 10:38 AM
The original discussion was in a racing tech forum called "Circle Track Racing Tech" I don't remember the exact site. Anyway they didn't really say much about it. They were discussing the coil placement on the monoleaf (front or back of the rearend) they suggested placeing it behind the rearend. The site I read this on was not near as organized as this forum!

posted February 13, 2001 12:43 PM
We ran this set-up for a while two years back, It was good as compared to running stack springs in both sides.........let the mono wrap more and tighten the car up.....also because the left had a full leaf that side acted as the lift bar........
We took this out after a while and ran monos on both side with a lift bar with the front half of another leaf stuffed in the front of the left side..........this worked great on a dry slick day time track........for the best all around deal was the monos with just the lift bar.
We always ran the coil eliminator behind on the right rear.................until we put monos on both sides, then we mounted on top the rear housing without the eliminators.
this took the bind out of the car......
with shocks and eliminators the car ALWAYS had a bind..............if we unhooked any one of the of the 4 2 shocks 2 eliminators the car freed up...........the mounts weren't located correct from the builder, thats been my experance with this set-up.........

posted February 13, 2001 04:49 PM
Mod racer93, What you are talking about worked just fine for us, on a sticky track the car was too tight on entry and we skipped the right rear out with a 2 off. This helped the car on entry, under power the right rear wraps more than the left so it will steer the rear a little more then if it had monos on both sides or stack spring on both sides, this is what helps tighten the car under acceleration along with the left rear leaf acting as the lift bar......
Never too far off on set-up.........always close enough to run up front. maybe not the fastest car there but with very low maintenance, and don't need a lot of change from track to track.