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Author Topic:   Everyones opinions and advice on Bowtie heads
posted February 11, 2001 12:48 AM
I would just like to ask what everyone thinks of bowtie heads on an emod and also bowtie heads compared to others, regular heads and aluminum. I have a set of bowties and was wondering if they will be sufficient. thanks

posted February 11, 2001 06:45 PM
Are you asking about heads straight out of the box or modified? I have a set of bowties that are slightly ported and have been flowed against a set of ported brodix heads.The bowties flowed best.

posted February 11, 2001 09:30 PM
I have great success with the Bowties. I also run WP Sportsmans heads with great success. The set of heads I cant seem to get to run are my Iron Eagles.........go figure. i think it depends on your whole combination more than anything.

posted February 11, 2001 11:15 PM
The only problem i have seen guys have with the ironeagles is that they buy them to big for what we are doing in the modifieds. buy the 200 or 180 cfm heads and they fly. the 215's will work with bigger motors but your best to leave the 230's to the drag racers. Just my experiance.