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Author Topic:   How many spares/offsets do you carry with you?
posted February 08, 2001 10:38 PM
Usually on my modified, I do not carry very many, just curious how many you carry.

posted February 08, 2001 11:52 PM
i carry 2 extra fronts for each side and 4 rears, 2 bead locks and 2 lrs

dirt mod 70
posted February 09, 2001 04:34 PM
i carry...1 LF 2 RF 3 RR 4 LR....various offsets....use determined by track conditions...i always have a brand new set of rear tires ready for a real dry slick night!!!

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posted February 10, 2001 01:33 AM
It all depends on how many tires I have left that hold air and how many wheels I have that are still straight.LOL Usually three or four.

posted February 10, 2001 04:06 PM
I usually carry 4 to 6 spares.. diffrent sizes and off sets and I run street stock lol

posted February 10, 2001 10:03 PM
We carry as many as 10 or 12 depending on where we're going. For years we ran 4 off's on all four corners, we went to a three on the RR because the RR trailing was rubbing. When we started running the Harris mod, they suggested using the offsets to change the performance of the car, being open minded we invested in a large number of wheels and tires. I'm still not sure that it's that big of a deal. With the exception of the RR, I don't think the offsets effect the car as much as moving some weight or cranking on the weight jacks. Shocks have been effective in getting the car to perform better. It might just be me, but I think I'm going to cut back on the wheels and offsets, I think fresh rubber on the car is more important than a trailer full of wheels.......just my thoughts

posted February 10, 2001 11:40 PM
I carry just the minimum. Three spares. One 4" backset (beadlock) and the rest are 3". Also, one NEW, unmounted tire to use in any position. Stagger is minimal, if any. Works for me.