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Author Topic:   Straight or Adjustable??
posted February 08, 2001 10:32 AM
When it comes to headers, which of the two has everyone had the most luck with. The adjustable type or the straight type? Or is there any other type out there that may work better.

posted February 08, 2001 07:42 PM
Headers depend what will fit,having that problem now!, style, size of motor, and where you want your power to be.Where you want your power to be is the most important one.

posted February 08, 2001 08:32 PM
I run the 180 headers and have had pretty good luck with them..

posted February 08, 2001 09:44 PM
I used the crossover style from Schoenfield,
I liked them so much I had a set Jet coated.
They didn't interfere with the MSD distributor and the valve covers were easily
removed. They make it easy to change plugs
to. I now use over the chassis style, and
they seem to work well also. Anything is better than downdraft chassis style that are
constantly dragging the dirt.

posted February 10, 2001 01:22 AM
Next best thing to Jet-Hot as far as durability is concerned is sandblasting. I blast my headers after each season, and have run the same set for 4 years, and they were three years old when I got them. The guy I bought the car from has a background in metallurgy (which comes in handy in more ways than I can count) and from what he says, the sandblasting takes off any sharp edges that come from rust, and knowing that cracks start at a sharp edge, were taking away the chance to crack before they get that far. They are the Schoenfeld crossover type, blasted and painted every winter, and have never needed so much as a tack weld in 7 seasons. I've heard of guys having to replace headers after 3 or 4 years, so I'm definitely sold on this idea....and it's a buttload cheaper than Jet-Hot.


posted February 12, 2001 01:42 AM
I sandblast mine every year too and then I buy that $5 ceramic based high heat paint from Auto Zone and bake it on at 400 degrees for two hours and 90% of it stays on all year. First night out someone always asks me how much it cost to coat my headers or if I bought new headers. It works great for cheap.

posted February 13, 2001 10:24 AM
Ceramic coated headers are deffinately worth the money. I had 3 rods come out of a motor last year and blew 8 qts of oil onto the headers without causing a fire. The ceramic coating reduces the external temperature of the headers, depending on application, by several hundred degrees. This also makes it very nice for changing plugs on a hot motor, or just general maintenance. Most coating companys coat both inside and outside of the the headers. The ceramic coating will maintain a higher exhaust temperature which allows for better scavaging