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Author Topic:   Nova questions
posted October 29, 2002 11:25 PM
My Nova is a 73 with a 78 Camaro front clip under it. Car weighs 2961 without me and 3131 with me so it is leaded to 3200. I run a 3/8 mile highbank dirt track. Springs are 900# rf 1000# lf 225#lr and 200#rr. I run jacking bolts in the front of it with tubular uppers. The shocks i believe are75 lf and a 76 rf. You can buy stock appearing racing coils 12 inches tall from speedway or the manufacturer of your choice along with stock mounting racing shocks.If you need more height out of your springs you can also get adjustable spring spacers that fit in the spring pocket. Hope this is of some help. Eddie

posted November 04, 2002 05:13 PM
I used to run a 76 Nova Hatchback, the front stub is a bit more heavy duty in front of control arm mounts, so it dont bend as easy as the Camero stubs, but can be interchanged if nessesary, also all front suspension parts are interchangable between the two. I completly striped all inner metal paneling down to firewall and floor pan, intalled cage and tied front stub and rear unibody together with square tubing and floor plates, relaced all ruber mounts and rubber suspension bushings with solid ones, got the flexi flyer leafs recommended by flexi but I dont remember the spring rates but when I ordered them i told the tech guy I thought the car would weigh between 2800 and 3200 pounds, used 2 inch lowering blocks in the rear, Put an 1100RF and a 900 on the LF. Finished car with me and 16 gallons of fuel weighed 2910. The car was really fast, tacky or dry slick. Won the championship 2 years in a row, then sold it. TO THIS DAY WISHED I'D NEVER SOLD IT.

posted November 05, 2002 08:22 AM
When the guy runing second applied the chrome horn to my 76 Nova coming off turn four, the trip to the inside wall DEMOLISHED the rear frame and body. I deemed it unsalvagable and stripped it, hauling what was left off to the crusher. That was the absolute BEST car I've ever had. Thinking I'd never build another unibody, my next two cars were metrics. At present, there's a Camaro under construction in my shop for my 2003 season.

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