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Author Topic:   Need some advice
posted September 07, 2002 12:29 AM
Hey, Ive been reading the posts on the site for a while now and think I've learned alot. But I still have some unanswered questions that we need help with.

We currently run a 81 Camaro, with Chev 350 advanced to 35 degrees at 3000 rpm, a 600 double pumper Holley, camel hump heads, Saginaw 3-Spd trans, and 373 rear axle. Running in 2nd gear.

We race on a 3/8 clay oval track with steep banks.

We purchased the car from a racer who did fairly well with racing, and we were spectators before thinking,"How hard could it be?"

He had lowering blocks on the car, but they were cracked, so we never put them back. I was wondering, what is the purpose of them, and do racers recommend that I put them back?

We have been running 275/15 on the LR/RR/RF. The LF we run 235/15. Does this sound like it is the right combination for our car? We also have a heavy front bumper made of sched 40 pipe, so we think the front is pretty loaded for weight.

We are planning on maybe building a new car next year, but will try to follow the measurments from this car. Any tips that we should know about racing camaros and adjustments we should make, such as stock springs, sway bars, etc.

Thanks, and I'll keep checking in.

rico 08
posted September 07, 2002 09:57 AM
as far as the tire sizes you have front stagger in the front that tightens the car up if it's working i'd keep it you're front bumper sounds really heavy you're car will be faster and have more rear weight if you use a lighter bumper try a gutted stock one just don't hit anything hard.the lowering blocks may need to be put back if they messed up you're rear ride height (if it's a lot higher than the front)

posted September 08, 2002 07:49 PM
I am wondering why you are only running 3000 rpm. Most cars run 5500 min, up to 7000. From your motor specs you should put out some good horses but you are robbing yourself badly only turning 3000. You may want to try different rear gears to get some more revs out of the motor. Use to tool box to figure you final drives and see what you need to get closer to the desired rpms. I run a completely stock motor (except cam) at 5800rpm and didnt blow up once I rebuilt it with some quality bearings.... good luck

redneck bubbas racing
posted September 09, 2002 07:23 PM
Hes not running 3000 rpm,he is saying thats where his timing is all in by.

posted September 09, 2002 07:33 PM
i'd try a 2" lowering block on the left rear and a 1" lowering block on the right rear. also, i'd add some stagger to the rear, like a 255/15 on the left rear and leave the right rear tire size alone.

posted September 20, 2002 03:11 AM
Thanks guys, I'll try it and see what happens.

posted September 20, 2002 11:12 AM
dukester, i just re-read this thread and i got the lowering blocks reversed. i'd use the 2" in the RR and the 1" in the LR. sorry.

posted September 20, 2002 07:02 PM
You not only changed the rear ride height you also raised the rear roll center. I would put the lowering blocks back in the way it was when you bought it, you said the car handled and did fairly well with them in. It will lower the rear roll center and in turn will let the car roll over and help create side bite.

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