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Author Topic:   383 or 350 ?
posted September 03, 2002 10:09 PM
I've ran a 383 last yr and it was awesome but this yr i went and built me a 408 with 500 horse. I'd go with the 383 more power than a 350. Just make sure you keep it about 200 degrees. If it's built right it's be a good motor all yr long. just build the 383 there alot better motor than what you have just dont get it hot.....

posted September 04, 2002 08:04 AM
yeah go with the 383. I have been running a 350 in my car for almost this whole year of racing then just about 5 days ago my dad got me a 383 to put in my car since my driving skills increased. He said it is a high RPM motor and is real good for what we run

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