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Author Topic:   Stripped Spool
posted August 24, 2002 05:55 PM
i run a ford 9" with a 28 spline full spool. the housing has 6 races on it and has never had an axle broken in it. never taken a hard hit and the axles fit in it nicely. last night it stripped out the splines on the drivers side in hot laps. it's an afco lightweight spool and has about 35 races on it. what would cause the splines to strip out? is there a better quality spool out there? is a drag racing spool stronger? would too much pinion angle be a contributing factor? was it a freak failure? HELP!!!

posted August 27, 2002 09:05 AM
nope, it's a steel spool and the splines were engaged all the way. it stripped them completely out all the way through. the axle still looks good. i've got it out now and the axles are a little loose in the side that isn't stripped but it doesn't look worn. i've tried about 4 different axles and they're all a little loose. that's why i was asking about the drag spool. i was thinking that maybe the machining tolerances are a little closer.

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