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Author Topic:   3rd member ?
steamatic racer
posted July 17, 2002 07:57 AM
I've been running a 4.11 gear & a 168 box comb. all season. I desided to run a 1 to 1 6.50 setup now. I bought different 3rd member & installed new gears and stuff, but the darn thing viberated me to death at 3000 rpms. Thought the driveshaft was the problem but I had the other 3rd member w/ me at track, threw it back in and NO viberation! I've checked the back lash, its set at 10 still. Any ideal's? THANKS TERPS

posted July 17, 2002 03:45 PM
I didn't do the math but if your final ratio is lower with the 6.50 then it probably is your driveshaft. i switched from 3.08 to a 4.56 in a truck and the thing vibrated like crazy. the gears were the only change i made. i had to have the driveshaft balanced, and added about two inches due to a lift the lentgh was fine until i went to deeper gears then it became a problem. after that everythng was fine. So i'd say check your length and get it balanced.

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posted July 18, 2002 06:50 AM
We have cut and rewelded many driveshafts for race cars and street cars. We never had a vibrating problem but we always line up the u-joints

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