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Author Topic:   Single Rear Brake???
posted July 10, 2002 12:33 AM
Has anyone tried running one disk brake on the rear? For weight savings I am considering putting one 12" rotor on the left rear only, nothing on the right rear. The rear end is has a spool so it will stop both wheels. Currently I have drum brakes in the rear and was going to convert over to disks and got thinking maybe one big rotor will work. Any thoughts or comments?

posted July 10, 2002 01:04 AM
You know the saying "Two hands are better than one" I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with only one rear brake to rely on. I would think that one rotor would get pretty hot trying to pull double duty. You never know till you try I guess.

posted July 10, 2002 01:50 AM
I did that once, it was back in 1982 or 83 .... it was on a 58 Ford Fairlane i used to race, it worked pretty good at the time , until a major wreck happened right in front ofd me and i jumped on the brakes real hard and it twisted the whole axle tube on the housing and messed up the caliper and such. but there is a guy here who is doing that on his mod right now and seems to begetting away with it. i don't think i would try it again though, but i did have a driveshaft brake incorporated on a 4 cyl. mod once using a frt brake system off a motorcycle, it worked great , but was found to be illegal and i had to remove it.

posted July 10, 2002 01:56 PM
i wouldn't try it if you think about it your not going to save all that much weight. and like the others said it will cut your brakeing force down and use up alot of brake pad unless you go with some high dollor rotors and pads. it will also cause alot of fade in them in a long dry slick race. if you want to lose weight in your braking system have the rotor on the right front turned down so it's just a hub and put the caliper on the rear that way you can save weight and money

posted July 10, 2002 11:22 PM
actually i dont think yo will be cutting your braking force in half. going from drums on both wheels to one 12 inch rotor would be about the same as far as braking force is concerned. however, with just one brake it will put alot more load on the left rear pads. i tried that exact setup last year. 11.75x1.25 rotor on the left rear with a GM full size caliper. it worked good for about 2 nights then it started to fry the pads. after about 4 nights i had to change the pads out to get it to stop.

posted July 12, 2002 01:36 PM
cobra how much does your car weight that may come into play here sure on a 2500# it might be worth tring but a say 3000#+ there is a big difference there

posted July 18, 2002 09:22 AM
it weighed 3400 lbs. My problem was the brake pads go heated up. If I used a better pad like for pavement I belive it would have lasted the 30 laps.

posted August 04, 2002 11:56 PM
if you have to miss somthing, you will have a problem. are the calipers frozen, master holding presure? if ok try setting the car with a lite pedle, and then with the brake,going into 2 then hammer down.

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