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Author Topic:   handling problem....please help tired of 2nd
posted June 30, 2002 08:04 PM
Trya a little less stagger in the rear or more LR Spring (aprox 10% more) than RR. You can also try less rebound on front shocks or less compression on RR Shock or More spring in RF. Just remember to do (try)only one thing at a time. And good luck

posted June 30, 2002 08:52 PM
Hmm just to a look at your specs again try switching your rear springs around .. That will help Here are my specs maybe these will help
Ride Heights
LF 5" RF 5.25"
LR 5.25" RR 5.50"

Left 53%
Rear 53%
Cross 49-50%

Caster LF+2*
Camber LF+1.50
Toe Out 1/8"
Springs LF 950 RF 1050
LR 250 RR 200
Shocks LF 76 RF 77
(PRO) LR 95 RR 95

Rear Cntrl Arms
Uppers Inclined 12-15*
Lowers Level with Ground

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