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High Velocity Sports
posted June 06, 2002 11:46 AM
The adapters will fit your stock column. You nned to grind or cut off the threaded part and then set the adapter on and weld. Make sure that it will go on first though, I don't want you cussing me about it! Mine fit right where the smooth area was and slid right down, nice and secure.

posted June 07, 2002 01:46 AM
mine is set up like rednecks but i didn't do anything more than took the wheel off i found out the hard way that if you gut to much out and get the weld to close to the bushing it will melt it and after haveing to buy a new hub and fitting i just put in on the threaded part and welded it real good on the inside of the hole with a stick welder and mig welded the other end as for a wheel most guys will use any 15 in wheel you see in all the mags a few will go to a 17 but i don't like it

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