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Author Topic:   Spring/Shock Combo I-Stocks
posted May 21, 2002 10:08 PM
I would like some comments as to what spring rates,shock rates are being run on IMCA stock cars. We have a 15 to 17% banked 1/4 mile clay track.

Thanks Jim.

posted May 22, 2002 12:14 PM
Thanks Baker.

Any one else care to comment?

posted May 23, 2002 07:53 AM
Really it depends on what the car wants and your driving style.

But as a starting point.

Springs - LF:1100 RF:1200 LR:225 RR:200
Shocks - LF:75 RF:76 LR:94 RR:94
%s - Rear:51 Left:52-53 Cross:50.5

steamatic racer
posted May 23, 2002 09:17 AM
I had the same ? as PEDDLER but does it matter if the car(racer) is a METRIC or older car to run those springs rates and shocks? I've been told to run LF.900lb. RF.1100 or LF.850 & RF.1050 a 200lb. split up front. Any truth to this? Don't want to throw $$ at the wrong parts.


posted May 23, 2002 10:35 AM
Mine's a 85 Regal (metric) IMCA Stockcar.

I ran last year with a LF1000 and a RF1200. Car was always tight getting into the corner. Switched to a 1100 on the LF this year, and corner entry is much better.

Ours is a highbank track. If I tried to spring much softer in the front, I'd be bottoming out. And we all know how they handle when they bottom....

posted May 23, 2002 11:39 AM
Thanks for the replies. I didn't clarify. Yes a metric chassis. The local and surrounding tracks are high banked.

any and all replies would be appreciated.

Thanks again

posted May 23, 2002 05:10 PM
I ran a metric on a 1/4 track similar to yours. A lot depends on the driver, weight %s, track conditions, etc. But, in general I liked my car with lighter springs than the previos posts, I think I ran RF 1000, LF 925, RR 200, LR 250. I used the AFCO shocks - can't remember the #s but it was the suggested starting point right out of their catalog.

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