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Author Topic:   1976 Camaro F/R Spring Info Needed! Newbie
High Velocity Sports
posted May 17, 2002 02:00 PM
I ran my '79 camaro with the same configuration, no adjustments. I ran a high banked fast .3 mile track consistantly from week to week without major changes. I used- LF=1000lb, RF= 1200lb, LR=225lb multi-stacked Landrum, RR=200lb multi-stacked Landrum. The stock rear springs are only good for about a couple weekends max, and then they go away. You can tell by how far the car settles in the rear after a night racing. Believe it or not, I used heavy duty shocks from Autozone (Gabriels?) with lifetime replacement. Changed them out every other month for free. hahahaha. I ran 8" wide standard offset spoked rims except for the RR. There I used a 2" offset IMCA rim, which I changed from the LR to RR as required for the heat races when the track was muddy. The car drove great weekly. Hope that helps.

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