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Author Topic:   Questions for Chassis Set-Up
posted April 28, 2002 04:41 PM
Ok Here is a Question that maybe some one can help me with ? I am Planning on Running a Street Stock / Hobby Stock at a Local
4/10th Dirt Track. The Following is The Set-up that was given to me
Ride Heights LF=5" RF=5.25" LR=5.25 RR=5.5"
Weight Dist. Left=53% Rear=53% Cross=49-50%
Caster LF=2* RF=3*
Camber LF=1.50* RF=3.5*
Toe 1/8 to 1/4" Out
Springs LF=975 RF=975 LR=200 RR=200
Pro Shocks LF=76 RF=77 LR=95 RR=95
Rear Control Arms Lowers=Level Uppers 12 to 15* Incline
Is this a good starting point or are they way off??? Also we are limited to 70 series DOT Tires any suggestions on those ??

posted April 30, 2002 07:00 PM
Don't know whats allowed as far as stock body etc, but 53% rear is going to be hard to get.

Ride heights, what ever you do try to get the rt front and left rear about the same, left front 1/2" down and right rear 1/2" up.

Springs, I don't know your track. Ours is a good banked track and run more rt front (1200 to 1600). Rears about right 200left 175 rt.

fronts (If you can run other than stock mount)75 or 76 on the front,,,93 or 94's rear.

The cheapest are useally the softest.

Good racing.
The Peddler

posted May 01, 2002 12:13 AM
Peddler as Far as Body I am running a 88-89 Monte With Plastic Nose and Tail The Suspension must be Original TYPE No aftermarket parts No shock relocation No spacers on springs No race shocks or Race type Springs Tires are to be DOT 70 Series tires on Max 7" wheel Oh and the Track is only a slightly banked 4/10 Track. and the Biggest Rear gear we can run is a 3.73

posted May 01, 2002 06:24 PM
Well Bud, with those type of limits there is not much you can do legally. Afco makes factory replacement type springs that fit the stock spring specs. lf 900,,rf 1100.

Shocks, both afco, carreara, and pro make a stock replacement shock. No valve choice, but a good shock.

Check with some who run there on gearing, and tire roll out.

Good racing,
The Peddler

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