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Author Topic:   TRANS COOLER
redneck racing
posted April 23, 2002 01:15 PM
Im gonna run a powerglide tranny in my car and was wondering where the best place was to mount the cooler im afraid if i mount it in front of the radiator it might get a rock through it. The interior of the car is completely tinned in. Ive seen some mounted to the roll bar on the passengers side of the car. Just wondering?

posted April 23, 2002 01:17 PM
mine is mounted in front of the raditor and i never had a problem. its been through two head ons and survived well. just make sure it can move out of the way if need be.

posted April 24, 2002 12:16 AM
i mounted the tranny cooler on the right side of the firewall under the hood about 1 inch away from it for air could go though it work pretty good ran like this for 5 years

posted April 24, 2002 06:20 AM
I put it in the trunk.

The guy who built my p-glide told me that without a converter, you don't need a cooler, but w/o the converter you loose a lot of fluid and, hence, cooling capacity. So the cooler doesn't hurt because it adds some fluid.

posted April 24, 2002 11:07 AM
I have a coupler and I don't run a cooler. But I do have a deep aluminum (Stef's) pan. Holds 5 quarts of fluid.

redneck racing
posted April 24, 2002 11:25 AM
I have to run the torque converter with it i also have the deep finned aluminum pan on it. Who makes the best cooler?

posted April 24, 2002 11:27 AM
i am not a powerglid expert but if you dont run a converter you do not need a cooler becouse the converter is what makes the fluid get hot in the first place, just my two sence

posted April 24, 2002 11:36 AM
Please wherever you put it, isolate it from the driver the fluid can get extremely hot,
if a hose busts, or the cooler you can be badly burned it can get well over 200 degrees
especially with a high stall convertor.

posted April 26, 2002 03:10 AM
donnie is right every track in the area will not letyou run a tranny cooler in the drivers compartment for that reason. i know my uncle talked to bushore last year and he said not to run a cooler so i wasn't going to this year in mine but i run a converter and he has a coupler has anybody else run without one with a converter?

posted April 26, 2002 08:33 AM
I run demo derbies and I had the great idea of skipping the cooler and just running it into itself. I was told it would catch fire. Even if it doesn't burn, it can't be good for it.

I agree with Donnie, don't put it in the car with you. I've seen 'em pop off derby cars and thats not something you don't want sprayin around. I put it in the trunk to help with rear weight (evey little bit helps) and under the hood has enough stuff goin on there already. Also, if you go toward the rear, you're that much farther from the headers.

If you have the room, you can use a stock AC condensor from a car, its a little overkill, though.

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posted April 26, 2002 09:17 AM
someone asked about what cooler to run. dont go by one just use a coil system from a a/c unit. they come in all sizes and work great. just look around the junk yard and find one that has the size you need. i run mine in the rear above the fuel cell.

posted April 30, 2002 06:32 AM
Hey, I agree with Hesseracing. I'm not didn't run a powerglide, but the T-350 with a convertor. Used a condensor from a window A/C unit. Plumbed it with 3/8 copper tubing and brass fittings. Added 6-7 additional quarts to the system. Jerked the trans down into first and ran it for a couple seasons without ever over heating or slipping the trans.

posted April 30, 2002 07:29 AM
some AC condensers have internal coating of some kind, that will come off and get into your oil.

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