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Author Topic:   Who has the best roll cage kits?????
posted February 27, 2002 05:37 AM
Ok guys, who has the best ,the easist to assemble bestfor the money????

posted February 27, 2002 08:33 AM
Al, in direct answer to you question,I really don't know.

What I would like to tell you is consider a local or known builder. I understand the need to save a buck,and I'm not putting down anyone who wants to install thier own,I happen to enjoy it.But you need good welding skills.

If you do build your own, I urge you to consider the quality of the materials you use,and not just the price.

Another thing I might mention,Some new guys install thier rear hoop too far foward,put the seat against the hoop,and use stock position pedal mounting. Some tracks require stock mounting,and some specify where the hoop must be. So,you need to know what the rules are. However,if there is no specification and your hoop is too far foward,(relative to the competition),you will be at a disadvantage. Also,the kits will come with instructions.If you don't follow them,it won't fit. So,you need to make sure that the kit fits the rules.

Sorry I can't reccomend a specific kit for you,But I'm sure some of the other guys will help in that area. Talk to a local builder,you have nothing to lose.

Good Luck

posted February 27, 2002 01:58 PM
Originally posted by algrisham:
Ok guys, who has the best ,the easist to assemble bestfor the money????

I got a cage that came out of my racing sponsors old malibu. He got out of racing and I got it now and it's for sale for $200.00 it came out of day motor sports. The cage needs to be mounted to frame and welded in. Located in central Ky. and questions e-mail me at

28a racing
posted March 27, 2002 12:25 PM
grt or warrior i like them

posted March 27, 2002 03:41 PM
By far the best cage kits I have used are the ones from CSC Racing products. They advertise in Circle Track too!!

posted March 27, 2002 09:28 PM
I have bought several kits from CSC ,they were easy to install , fits like a glove. They are good about sending extra tubing with the kit.they have great tech info, that always helps.The best part of it is the price. My first kit was a basic kit, 4 post cage 3 door bars on drivers side and two on passenger door bars dash bar, rear bar with x brace and i got extra tubing for petty bars and rear kickers and it cost under 350 dollars delivered to a business adress. try them u will like them

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