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Author Topic:   Is Wider Worth It
posted January 27, 2002 12:35 PM
Hi I have a 78 camaro with a 64.5 " track width and I'm thinking about installing ford lowers to get the track width to 68". Is this mod worth the effort and expence. Has anyone tried this and if so what has been your experience. Have you seen improvements on your lap times.......

posted January 27, 2002 06:23 PM
I asked the same thing but the only response I got was, that it would change the roll center.

posted January 28, 2002 09:45 AM
"WIDER IS BETTER" - B. Labonte after a win with his pontiac

posted February 03, 2002 08:08 AM
Most of us know that wider is better. Is there anyone who has a better understanding as to why. I know that it gives better stability in turns and, I believe, a slightly better roll angle. Lets get some other details. What does it do to slip angles? Does it effect front more or rear? How does it effect the car going in, middle and out of the turn if no other modifications are done? And as the gentleman said... if you have limited bucks, is the modification worth the expense?

posted February 03, 2002 10:06 PM
Go4win has made a good point. I believe he is right. If your front end is wider, the result should, in my mind, produce more bite at the rear. I believe that the increased bite would be more prominent on the left side, or maybe the right? I'm dislexic. As long as I don't turn right I'll be OK. If this is the case the car would understeer a bit more. Wether you need more understeer or not , more bite on the rear means faster accelleration and If the understeer is not needed, other things could be done to correct it. If this can be acomplished with wider front offset, it would definitely be an inexpensive alternative. Can anyone else confirm or deny this theory?

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