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Author Topic:   Tires
posted December 13, 2001 07:57 PM
We are new to racing in the dirt. We will be running a Monte Carlo on a Half Mile semi banked track. Tire rule is one 10" on right front, the rest must be 70 series dot radials. 8" rims ok. Any suggestions on what type of tire might work best. By the way the 10 inch is a Hoosier track tire. Any help is welcome.

posted December 14, 2001 01:02 AM
i feal sorry for you guys sounds like somebody is tring to fill there pockets i hate when they do that but anyway we run kuhmo 205 70 14 and 15s work real good we run the 795 series they run us about $45 a piece

posted December 14, 2001 07:21 AM
why not look into some other larger sizes.
This wil lmake seting your car up a bit easier.
look at
255/70/15 this is @ 90"
235/70/15 this is @ 88"

Prices are not much more than normal sizes, you'll just have to have them ordered.

Good luck!!

posted December 14, 2001 10:41 AM
your right wide i guess it woulsd help with that big hogg on the front unless you need alot and i mean alot of stagger lol i just put what i did because i run imca rules and thats the tire size we are stuck with

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