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Author Topic:   Cheating
posted December 12, 2001 04:31 PM
All right lets get the skinny on this topic.
I have cheated in the past.I admit it, yeah i did a few thing over the years. but not always or all the time!!
I have done things I have know to be illegal with the intention that it would not be teched. I dont drive dirty or take other out. I have never sneaked a NOS bottle in or anything that bad. I know of other who have. I guess Im only a low level cheat, a nice guy cheater if you will.

So, know that you've paused for a second or ten and thought of the things you've done in the past or are planning to do. Help those in need with some good ideas.

Heres my idea for next season.
Now for next season Im looking to fudge some technical areas of my rules. such as mounting locations and such. guys have slowly progressed into a 3 position lowers on the rear and a 2 position on the frame. a 5 looks real bad, and i havnt seen anyone go that far"yet"..

I have seen the cam style and removable plate style locators for rear lowers.
for anyone who hasnt seen these types.

and the other type looks simular to the first bracket instead of having 3 slots and a cam bolt it uses square plates with different plates for changing locations.

Is this cheating?
Here are the rules I race under
heres a picture of the touring series points champ.

After reading these rules. I have to stress the only real things that are teched are the engines, tires and saftey items. most of the tech guys cant spot a pinto spindle if it were on a pinto..we are the "support class" as they refere to us as. the main bread and butter comes from our dirt mods. for anyone who doesnt know what the north east style dirtmod is go here

Id like to "enhance" the rear suspension of my car. Its a metric fullsize. So who can give me some ideas for next year. no weights and %, they get discussed enough.

Please dont flame the forum, flame me directly.

posted December 12, 2001 11:47 PM
Nooooo...It's not cheatin...your working in the "GRAY AREA"...REMEMBER? If the rules don't refer to it till you kick some *** ...drivers start eyeing your thing , tech inspector says "Please change time"......GREY AREA, IS WHY YOU BECOME A WINNER!

posted December 13, 2001 08:18 AM
You almost forgot the part about cheating or not the "most money spent makes the fastest racecar"HOW FAST do you wantta GO!!

posted December 13, 2001 08:28 AM
Track is dry slick, I call it black slick. for 8 out of 10 feature races. I hae a piece of it i picked up after a race. It is hard as concrete and as black as asphault.
For the life of me I can figure why more guys are not running coil cars. The IMCA mods that race on our track are closing the gap on times. If I had to guess by next season thell be faster than our cars. We only have 3" wider tires and betwen 350-450 HP. This makes me sick. I refuse to give up on the coil car. But most guys would rather run a tad slower on the leaf cars than spend the half season to get a coil package that works. I mean since ive been at this track, Ive seen 4 coil cars in the last 6 years, and when you ask someone about it they'll say in an inteligent voice "OH, he just had more motor" or "he had better tires every week". They refuse to beieve taht a coil car can work. My goal is beat them with coils.

posted December 13, 2001 08:43 AM
So far the feed back is far less critical than I thought at first. It seems that most think I am not interputing the rules correctly. If I interputed them differently Id in fact not be "cheating". I will definetly sleep good this winter. I will indeed be in the gray area next season and I wont be cheating. And when Im found in the gray area Ill act like any other driver when told somethings not legal about his car.

Ill say" what do you mean" or "Im not sure id have to ask the chassis builder, he said I was legal" or my all time favorite. "Are you sure, I mean I just drive the car and have no idea whats under my car"

thanks for the input guys;
Anyone else race in the gray area that wants to give up so good ideas???


posted December 13, 2001 09:24 AM
Widebody, I'm in the same boat, and although I prefer not to cheat, I run a metric 4-link and am tired of having my @$$ handed to me by leaf guys. Our rules are similar as far as the "stock suspension mounts in stock location", yada, yada, yada. I'm looking for ways, legal or otherwise to be more competitive. Our tech inspection is non-existent, until you beat the wrong guy, and then the inspection gets pretty tight. Cars were teched one night all year, towards the end of season, after one of the front runners was dq'ed at another track with the same rulebook as ours. Tech man told us at drivers' meeting that after teching, he found that everyone's car was illegal in some respect, but would tell noone what he found wrong with their car. I guess that crap happens everywhere, but it gets pretty old working and running your **** off when the top 3 are basically untouchable. Happy to share any information I have.

posted December 13, 2001 11:03 AM

My tech guy and I had a discussion went like this......

question: what is the weight rule for a 360 cid motor?

answer: 2450

question: what is the weight rule for a 410 cid motor?

answer: 2650

Question: what is the outcome of weighting light......?

answer: You are DQ for THAT race, if it's a heat race you need to start last in the feature, or cosi depending on the number of cars at that event.

Question: if you pumped my motor after the races......i stated it was a spec(360) motor and I meet the weight restiction.....BUT my motor pumped say 362 cid what happens then?

answer: you would be DQed.......You would NOT be considered CHEATING as per the rules, you don't get kicked out for 30 days and pay a $1000 fine to get back into the club. You would only be DQed.......

question: at what point do I go from being DQed to being called a CHEATER? I need to know, I don't care how many times I get DQed because I don't race for points, but I don't want to get the boot for 30 days. If 362 is only DQed is 377 cid DQed or cheating? If I put the spec motor sticker on my hood, and bolt in a 406 and make weight(2450)remember I claim to run a spec(360) motor but pump big is that a DQ or a cheat?

answer: CLICK.........PHONE WENT DEAD, wouldn't return my calls........NOW WHAT?

maybe I should send him a Christmas card.

How does my tech guy help me keep from being caught a cheater??????? I can't stay with in the rules without the questions being answered............I think I will show up with a cheater motor and see what happens. Do you people think I should use a 377 or a 406 for my little experiment? either way I plan on puttin the SPEC motor sticker on the hood and weighting in at 2450.......let them pump it, I should only get DQed right?

I'm a little slow.......I finally figured this out.......NO matter what is on the side of the hood it doesn't matter.....see if they PUMP my motor and it's too big......then I weighted light...because if my motor is a 406 I should have weighted in at 2650...ooohhhhh I get IT NOW.
So there is NO insentive to run a big motor and weight the 2650 unless you are racing for points...........anyone got a 434 I can run in my car?

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