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Author Topic:   vortec heads
posted December 11, 2001 01:59 AM
I was just talking to my engine builder the other day about this very thing, her is what he told me. The vortec can be just as good as the old feully heads with alot less work and money, they have very good flow and good compression chambers right off the shelf, so If you modify them a bit you have a great low dollar high performance head. I have 2 sets of high dollar 461 heads but I am going to try the vortecs. They do look difrent, they have 4 valve cover bolts through the middle of the valve cover, not around the edges. As for mfg dates and #s Im not sure yet

posted December 11, 2001 07:07 AM
No, not all center bolt valve cover style heads are vortecs. But you can get a set of vortec heads from Scoggins-Dickey for $389, put in a set of $30 -$40 valve springs and go race. The only real expensive part is the cast iron intake that is designed for these (that excepts a Q-Jet) is $180. But for $430 dollars to have a set of heads that are brand new ready to bolt on, I can't understand why all these tracks have a problem with them, verses spending $500 on a set of junkyard heads and still don't know what you have ie. quality.

posted December 11, 2001 07:33 AM
Try these part numbers for the vortecs, This number is on my heads and I know these are vortecs Part # 12558062, This next part number came out of a performance magizine about three or four years ago and this is the number they gave for Vortecs part # 10239906. so remember 062 and 906.

posted December 11, 2001 08:04 AM
I just posted a question in the engine section. What exactly is the difference??
Flow #, Port cc's, chamber cc's??

I have used 14102191 before but not in a flat top motor. We used domes to get some compression. We did angle mill the heads to get more compression.
The water jackets on the exhaust side is angled and thin so when its flat surfaced you loose your head gasket surface area.

This is what I know from 2 years with those heads. The engine ran better and smoother with the plugs indexed. I faced the plug gap towards the exhaust. I played with it over the years and any where in the down direction worked. But for some reason if they faced up. The engine ran noticably rougher. I would have never thought indexing would make such a huge difference. As far as intakes just dont use the 4 center bolts or if you really want to use them notch the bolt holes and use a rocker arm ball under a longer bolt.

Does anyone else index for reasons other than clearance?
Anyone else with facts or real experience?

14102191 350 1.94 1.5001 - EFI, swirl port... 87-up...350
14102187...87-91...305..........1.84"/1.5" valves

thanks; widebody

posted December 11, 2001 09:59 PM
I was gona sell the car and go IMCA mod but I didnt have any takers on the car so I cut the body off and im going to update a few things for next year. Ill be the only guy still running a coil car. most have switched back to leafs. I think I got some tricks worked out, with the help of Jerry from Eagle chassis. Im going to get as much rear steer as I can for next year. I need some big changes to keep up with what the officials let slide as legal. I hate to do things I know are illegal everyway you spell it, but I guess when in Rome, do what the Roman do. Actually I think Ill start a new topic on that.

posted December 13, 2001 04:29 PM
ccb,why even run the vortec head i looked at that route and decided for the money vs. performance id just go with a set of iron eagles. they can be tweaked more and will usually last years and then if i move up to mods next year like i plan i can justdrop my motor from my street stock into the mod and be as fast as 95% of the mods at my track. my friend is the street stock champ here and runs a 455 pontiac i ran a 383 with stock heads this last year and ran door to door with him. he bought a mod put a spare 455 identical to the other in it and took 2nd in points and 1st in rookie in the mod class. my view put iron eagles on motor and ill smoke him in street and that motor in a mod will be good enough to do well . later scott

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