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Author Topic:   1st race experiences :-)
posted October 30, 2001 07:53 PM
I'm wondering how many racers had any practice before there 1st time out or did you just go to the track, do hot laps, and go racing?
I've seen guys lose it during hot laps and put an early end to their evening...yikes!

Just curious. Next year will be my 1st time out and I can't wait.
Any 1st time mistakes or suprises?


posted October 30, 2001 08:18 PM
I got one for ya....First Pure Stock I ever drove...

I used to live waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the boonies. We were on dirt roads. We had a 3/4 mile straight stretch dirt road about a mile from my house....took the car down the straight away with my buddy right behind me in his truck clocking me...said we were doing about 70. Turn around..haul it back to the shop and turn in......the positive battery cable grounds and catches on fire.....smoked all the electical stuff...talking about not I like to have suffocated by the time we got the car stopped. Then the battery was on the passenger side of the car....ripped the case cover off....grabbed it with my bare hands......OUCH! Anyway, it isnt too hard to remember that one.


posted October 31, 2001 12:46 AM
First Time I raced was the third time I had ever been to a race track. It was in a cruiser and the guy on the gas was half crazy. At least thats what it felt like. We didn't wreck and we didnt't get last not too bad.
Be careful in hot laps, the next year(also in cruisers) the car in front of us spun and tried going the wrong way around the track. Hit head on which left two long red marks on my chest from the harnesses totaled their car and bent our frame.
Make sure to have fun and most important is to be safe

posted October 31, 2001 04:15 AM
We had an old 78 malibu that I had bought with SEVERE side damage! I really had no business being in a car like that! Anyway, thing had a junkyard 305, stock down to the spark plugs. I went out for hot laps and put the hammer DOWN! In my mind I was flying, until...... In one and two, two cars split and passed me, covered my visor in mud, and blew me away! I was ready to put it on the trailer. But I stuck it out for the feature, finished way in the back, but not last, had a ball, and have been ate up ever since. Let me warn you now! If you do this, your life will never be the same...LOL.

posted October 31, 2001 08:36 AM
My first night out was in a '67 Ford Galaxy bomber. I didn't fair so well in the heat but got some good advice from a veteran driver about driving on a dry slick track. In the feature I went right to the front. After taking the lead I decided to peek over my shoulder to see where the rest of the field was and then spun out .....on the front straitaway. Lesson one, find an experienced driver who will give you some good advice. Lesson two, don't look over your shoulder, the race is in front of you.

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posted October 31, 2001 09:29 AM

missed hot laps car would not start went out in heat race put myself in the back thought i was going fast until the rest of the cars lapped me.line up for feature starting 20th car dies get started just as cars are taking green flag throttle stuck wide open went into corner one in last came out 15th up to 10th by flag man when i remembered that i could just turn off car,sold car.will not even pack track now but have the utmost respect for all drivers that can go out and first to finish first

posted January 10, 2002 04:59 PM

1st time in the car(74 Nova) the battery box was made of sheet metal and in the "back seat" of the car. Battery slid up against the side of the box and people told me it looked like someone was welding in the back of the car. Sparks goin down my suit burnin my neck....I turned my head to see what was going on and looked up....BOOM turn 3 guard rail. Tore up the whole right side of the car. But dang it was fun!! They are does look easier from the grandstands. LOL


posted January 10, 2002 06:11 PM
Well my first time I was runnig 3rd all night in the feture with guys that I had watched for years behind. Coming out of turn 4 for the white flag I got all nervous and spun her out and finished 12th. Never looked back after that and never let anyone say I couldn't run with the big boys.
Have fun this season but remember like everyone else is saying your safty is the main thing in any race car and never go for the cheap route when buying or installing your safty equipment.

posted January 10, 2002 08:30 PM
I wasn't in a hobby but a go-kart and first night out i did ok then the next night i was running 3rd with 2 laps to go and 1st and 2nd place kids wrecked right in front of me and i hit them and got airborn going 60 and it turned me right in to the wall in mid air and knocked 5 sections of the wall down and got taken out in an ambulance on a backboard but i'm racing a hobby next year and i'll only be 15 it will be fun

posted January 10, 2002 08:50 PM
ok well this dont come from the 1st time ever in a race car.--id raced streets bombers latemodels and mods then only thing left was the one it take KAHOOONAS. ur right a sprint welll hot laps went real smooth and car felt like a dream i was passing cars doing great, well then along came the heat ran 3rd with all the big boys, BUT as for the main well geez i got luckie enough to start in the back and my idea was to just follow everyone 1st nite why not----YA RIGHT the flag droped i went blowing thru the middle of the pack was up into 2nd coming out of turn 2 and OH NO i had the dang steering wheel in my hands and that wall snuck up at close to 130 mph , morel of the story dont get sooo wraped up u forget things because them WALLS have no feeeling HAPPY RACE ALL THE NEWBIES AND GOOD LUCK

posted January 10, 2002 08:54 PM
Well heres what I leaned. Dry slick track are not fun to learn on. my first season I spun out a few times. Drive with your head not the gas. Stay out of wrecks.
Trick 1: Dont bumper steer. Look further ahead than the car ahead of you. If something happens and your only watching the guy in fornt of you, guess what your into him wondering what happened. Practice looking around when your crusing around packing the track, learn where your guages are .

Trick 2: build the car to be comfortable and driver friendly. Ive seen to many cars that the seat wasnt even strait to the wheel or the wheel was to high or to low. YOU are the driver put thing where you want them.

Trick3: tighten your belts good, when you think thier tight give them another yank.

Trick4: tires. DO yourself a huge favor, buy good tires. Its hard enough to learn how to drive than add 30 others drivers who all want to be in the front, than you head out there in your new hot rod with a 500HP(+50HP for crome valve covers) motor you built the night before. and some how you end up on the pole(seen it happen). You barrel down into turn one and all that hard work and Money is in a heap in the turn one wall. wave to the fans as you get towed in the pits. If you can afford to race you can afford 4 new tires.

Trick 5: eliminate all the variables you can think of, from losing the throttle cable, tighten the lug nuts, to wires touching the exhaust. zip tie all lose wires. it might not be prett but it beats a burned coil wire.
make up a list ahead of time, not at the track when they called your class up to race.

Trick 6: wrap tape around your radiator hoses and use 2 hose clamps. dont buy cheapo jo blow brand 10 for a dollar hose clamps. remember your 500HP motor might depend on your 10 cent hose clamp. buy top quality hose clamps.

someone else said spare belts. GREAT IDEA
In the begining on new motors a slight misalignment might not be seen, but at 7,000 RPM it becomes evident. and dont wast your time using a thrown belt, itll come off quicker than well you know....


posted January 15, 2002 04:31 PM
first time I raced 4 years ago, it was the highest I'd ever felt and the lowest I'd ever felt in the shortest time period. Me and my dad built our car and had some help from a few good racers on setting it up and motor ect. Well, during the heat I did great. I finished fourth on a very nice tacky track. That was definitely one of the best times I had ever had in my life considering I was only 16 and had been driving for a month or less on the street, much less the track. So as the night went on, the track got real dry slick. A fellow racer gave me some advice that I didn't think too much about at the time, "it's gonna feel like ice out there, take it easy." Well because of my finish in the heat I started about halfway in the field which I thought could convert to a good finish for me. Well, it turns out that starting further up front means there are more cars to hit you when you spin. So We came to the green flag, and I hit the gas and went around right under the flagstand got t-boned three times and two flat tires and a lot of bent stuff. My advice, it's worth it to take it easy when you first start out, then your car will be as good as new when your driving catches up. It may feel humiliating at the time, but getting lapped every three laps is a lot better than making an a$$ out of yourself like me.

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