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Author Topic:   Afco shocks
posted October 25, 2001 03:49 PM
Does anyone know how to discipher Afco part numbers? There's nothing on the website. I've found some used ones and I want to know what they are befor I buy 'em.

They are: 1295, 1294, 1073, 1276-2, 1277, 1276, 1275, 1293-5 and 1276.

I've got a chart which says the following for 1295 "9in. Stroke 14 3/8in. Comp 23 1/4. Ext 5 Valve". What do these numbers mean? I've got this much for all the part numbers, is the info I need contained in this?

posted October 25, 2001 06:52 PM
I try to answer your question.

1st the 12 series shock is a welded brg shock thus 12__

2nd the third number 127_ is the stroke.

3rd the fourth number 1275 is the valving.

Therefore a 1275 is a welded brg shock with a 7in stroke and is a 5 valve shock which is
about a medium shock.

With a shock like a 1275-2 means it is a a med compression and soft extention shock.

I hope this helps
The Peddler.

posted October 26, 2001 09:14 AM
OK, that helps a lot. So a 5 valve is medium, 2 is softest and 9 is stiffest? I think I'm getting this figured out.

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posted October 26, 2001 07:11 PM
WA17; go to Afco's website and apply for a free catalog. All the info is in their catalog plus a ton of other stuff.

The Peddler

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