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Author Topic:   push in loose off
posted October 18, 2001 04:28 PM
runnin half mile medium bank. car does not want to turn at all going into corner. i don`t use brakes. starts to stick in middle of corner and then i`m chasing the back end. car has 1000# LF 1100#RF

posted October 18, 2001 04:34 PM
1st. try to get as much rear stagger as posible. if you can adjust brake bias front to back, adjust the front brakes out and try to set the car with the brakes. also check to see if you have enough negitive camber in the right front. also check to see if the rear end is sqaure, if the right rear is ahead of the left rear it causes an understeer condition which will cause a push. If these dont help you may have to take some cross weight out by changing front springs and to initially keep the cost down and just buy 1 spring put the 1000# on the right front and buy say a 850# or 900# for the left front. Just a note for you I have always been told to run 200# lighter spring on the left front as compared to the right front, so if you run an 1000# on the right front you would put an 800# in the feft front. But thats just my 2 cents, ckeck with the guys at your track to see what front split their running, you dont have to ask them what spring rates they run but just the difference between the RF and the LF. Work on getting ride of the push going in and like the other guys said it may fix your problem on exit.

posted October 19, 2001 12:08 AM
Run a shut off valve to the right front brake.(If it isn't in your rule book hide it under the dash or your racing seat) When you are coming into the corner tap the brake and the car wont be tight coming in. It helped me out a time or two.

posted October 21, 2001 08:01 AM
I have always lived by this quote I learned years ago;
" Stagger gets you in, Wedge gets you out "
It works.

The Peddler

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