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Author Topic:   NEW- need help building car right
posted October 17, 2001 12:50 AM
am new to this, and am building my first car. metric gm seems to be a pretty good choice. any and all heplfull hints are needed. i want to build it right the first time. have a ground stompin engine, but don't exactly know where to start with chassis. ordered csc racing cage kit. have lincoln mark 5 disc rear narrowed. gm big car spindles, rotors and calipers. feel free to e-mail tips and ideas. want to stomp everyone right off the trailer......

posted October 17, 2001 09:11 PM
Good luck stomping anything right off the start!

posted October 17, 2001 09:51 PM
no doubt phelps .you have to finish to stomp.

posted October 17, 2001 11:04 PM
It only takes three things to do well in your first year an unlimited budget, lots of talent and lots of luck. Needless to say I didn't do well in my first year. Good luck you'll need it

posted October 18, 2001 02:00 AM
don't get me wrong it's good to have a positive look on thing but your first year unless your d@mn lucky the only thing your gonna stomp is your johnson most of the time lol

posted October 18, 2001 07:57 AM
I started racing 1997 with a 1 year old car from my brother(Factory Stock) I won my very 1st race at our local track along with my third race, I thought I was good and it was going to be easy.It went down hill for 2 years after that until I got some seat time.
There is little you can do without it.Just hang in there and dont expect too much.
2000 Factory Stock Champion
Bryan Turner

posted October 18, 2001 08:47 AM
rover is right best idea is to buy a used car that you know works and get seat time i did build my own car for my first car but i had also been helping a local chassis builder for about 5 years before i did my own and just used his design knowing how it worked. and i still had lots of trouble with brakes and power steering lines and such. if you have all kinds of money to throw into a car then buy all means buil d your own but you will need to buy all new suspention parts and brake lines, everything else if you want to do it right. last commant you can have all the motor in the world if you can't turn it or get it hooked up it does no good

posted October 18, 2001 04:39 PM
this is not the first time i've raced. just the first car i have built from scratch. interested in tip to help the process go better. angles, lengths, settings, etc. not interested in hearing that it can't be done. nothing is more satisfying than to watch someone saying it "can't be done", getting interupted by someone doing it......

posted October 18, 2001 11:45 PM
more power to ya mrossem I'm going in the same direction as you. best of luck and if I find out ant thing news worthy I'll let you know.

posted October 18, 2001 11:58 PM
Tip: Start early and take your time it is a bunch of work and very time consuming. Make sure everything is done the right way not just thrown together in a month. Having a helper or two will certainly help with the whole process

posted October 20, 2001 07:22 PM
this was my first year in a street stock,and i didn't do so hot either,but i built my car from a junker(87 regal) and i think in the long run i'll be better off for it. it fits me well,i'm comfortable in it,and i believe that a few more tweaks and i'll be much faster. there is one thing i noticed though is that the sportsman boys run 67-72 gm front ends and they say they handle better,something about the center of gravity?

posted October 21, 2001 10:14 AM
I agree that you should buy one already built because if you build one right, you will spend more than you think! I know, I just built one this last year and still only managed one feature and 1 heat win all year. This is after 5 years of racing and I think I am a decent driver. I will say that this was my best year of all but my point is just starting out, you want to focus on learning how to drive and if you start from scratch with a new car, you will be fixing it a lot because you are going to tear up a lot. My advise is buy a safe ,WELL BUILT car and in a few years if you are still interested in racing, then build a new one. By the Way, I have one for sale ready to go. CHEAP!

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