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Author Topic:   R.P.M.'s
posted October 01, 2001 01:39 PM
How many rpms are you guys turing in your cars ?how high can I turn my motor? It is mostly stock except the cam.

posted October 02, 2001 01:04 AM
what size motor is it ?i run a 350 same deal only thing i changed is cam and rockers run it right around 58-6000 thats because thats where my cam falls off is 6100 waht does your cam card say the power band is?

posted October 02, 2001 01:01 PM
Its a Chevy 350 bored .030 over. cam card says up to 7,000 RPM's

posted October 08, 2001 07:13 PM
Ryan. A lot depends on other parts and pieces. The stock valvetrain will not last long at 7 grand without some improvement in the valves,valve springs,studs, and pushrods.

Also, I have not been to succesful twisting cast pistons much past 6500. They tend to go boom.

My suggestion is if you want to turn 7000 is to improve your engine components starting with good rod bolts (stock rods resized ok), forged pistons,stainless steel valves, a good .550 or.600 lift valve springs, lifter valley oil tray (in case you break a rocker or push rod the lifter won't hop out) and thread in studs with hardened push rods.

We have ran a simular set up for several years with only 1 engine failure (turned 7600 and broke a rod.) We had 52 nights on one engine and 32 on the one we broke.

IF you want to TWIST you have to PAY !!!

Good racing and have fun.

Thw peddler

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posted October 11, 2001 01:33 PM
I have to agree with Peddler, there are alot more things you have to take in consideration with your motor. The most common rule of thumb we use is for a solid lift cam, and we try to keep it under 7000. We have turned more in the past and with out fail the stock rods cannot seem to take the strain for a long period of time, even with a balanced engine.

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