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Author Topic:   metric rear suspension
posted September 20, 2001 02:29 PM
Guys, I'm looking for more forward bite out of my metric (Regal) IMCA Stockcar. I've been told 2 different things to modify on the rear suspension to increase the bite. 1) Shorten the length of the upper control arms. 2) Raise mounting point on rearend of upper arms.

Shortening the uppers is easy to do, just hack up another pair of arms. How much would you shorten? I was told 1/4".

Raising the mount point isn't that easy. Would involve cutting the mounts off the rearend and re-welding them higher. It'd make going back to square one a lot harder.



posted October 06, 2001 07:59 PM
The angles fo the arms control forward bite,
the also control the braking as you increase the angles to help forward bite you created a new problem call wheel hop...this is when brakeing it will take the weight off the rear tires.....

always remember for every action the is a equal re-action. You don't raise the arms on the top of the rear raise the front mounts on the top trailing the wholes in the frame and weld a washer on each side..........I would take what you have now and add about 2-3 degrees of angle.

I would work with the lower arms at the same time.

What is the car doing that makes you think this is the thing to change? The reason I ask is this.......because you could change only one side to add roll-steer to the rear housing while at the same time creating more bite for one tire........angles are very important in the stock 4 link deal, because the arms are soo short and act as the pan bar at the same time.........

A big thing I notice with these cars is not the angles being off or anything that bad.........if you take one arm off and bounce on the back of the car you will see how fee the rear suspension becomes....can you add a pan hard bar and take one of the stock links out?

posted October 06, 2001 10:48 PM
we set our pinion at 6 deg. just get a cheap magnetic angle finder and set it to 6 and drill your holes if i rember right it is 7/8 from center to center

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