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Author Topic:   Powerglide
posted September 13, 2001 08:24 AM
Range, if you will do a search on "powerglide" you will find a million posts earlier about this.


posted October 20, 2001 10:10 PM
where can you get hollow converter's sixpack

posted November 26, 2001 08:55 AM
We offer them at TCI. The part number is 741050. Check our website at and follow the links.



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posted November 28, 2001 08:16 AM
I found it to be much better to lower the stall on the converter than to go direct.If you build your converter to stall at about 900 ,and use a smaller than stock case for the converter it will work better in a street stock that is really turning less horsepower than say a latemodel or something. A Torque converter will actually multiply the torque at the crankshaft,so that the power going into the trans will be greater than that comming out of the motor.It is'nt much but every little bit helps me.

posted December 06, 2001 01:47 PM
Mcginnis How do you build your torque converter to stall at 900. I don't know too much about torque converters but I want every advantage I can get thanks

posted December 07, 2001 06:35 AM
Most any of your tranny shops can build any converter to your specs. The guy who builds mine cuts them open,puts new bearings and adjust the clearances between the fins to make it stall where ever I want it to.I can give you his name and number if you need it he has built alot of trannys for racing and he is extremely reasonable.

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