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Author Topic:   cooling help
posted August 06, 2001 05:33 PM
Guys I need some help. Having any over heating problem; I've tried alot of different combos to correct the heating problem. The coolest I can get it to run is with 1:1 pulleys and a 160 thermostat. Where can I find a set of aluminum deep grove 1:1 pulleys? Does anyone use a stewart pump and had any luck running it 25% underdrive? I've got the same set-up as a few of the guys at the track, this car just runs hot. Any help is apperciated. Thanks for you input. Deed

posted August 06, 2001 07:49 PM
Im in az where we race in 100 degrees.(at night)I run a flow cooler pump that is in the summit book,I run a 5/8 restricter,and 25% reduction pulley, my car always ran hot with a thermostat,i usally run around 210 deg.

posted August 06, 2001 09:33 PM
Thanks guys, 34 I did the same thing didn't help. I run the same set-up as racer 2. I took the cut up stat out and made a restrictor out of some aluminum I had, started with a 3/8" hole and I'm working my way up until it runs cool. Don't really have the funds, but I may buy a stewart pump. I just can't seem to find any 1:1 pulleys. Thanks for your help. I'll keep trying. Deed

posted August 07, 2001 08:14 AM
Deed, you can get pulleys that are 1:1 from Coleman. That's what I'm running, with a Stewart Stage 3 pump too. 200 degrees or less on most nights.

If you go with a Stewart pump (which I HIGHLY recommend), ditch the thermostat and/or restrictor.

You didn't say, are you running a properly fitting shroud? What about ductwork in front of the rad?

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posted August 07, 2001 09:27 AM
Thanks 59, I do have a shroud and duct work to the front of rad. The problem is more than likely the pump/pulley combo. Thanks for your help I'll go directly to coleman for the pulleys. Deed

posted August 09, 2001 06:53 PM
MODRACER, I done everything that has been posted. I'm waiting on the stewart pump, it should be here Mon. or Tues. I will check with BHR for the pulleys. the shroud is 1/2" bigger that the 4 blade fan. It will pull leaves off the ground when you rev. the motor.
My car # is 17, white and blue w/yellow #'s. The good looking SS that runs in the back. If I get the cooling problem fixed I can work on the chassis. We are not running this week, but I should be back next. Come find us, I would be happy to meet you. Deed

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