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Author Topic:   Rims and Tires
posted July 25, 2001 09:17 AM
i welded a bead on the inside of the hump where the bead of the tire goes. and you can run a tube or not i didnt, and never had any trouble popping take more air presure to get it to seat but its worth it.
Originally posted by Racer0:
I have a couple af debating questions.

#1 Does anyone have any ideas on how to better seat tire beads to the rim when rule say no bead locks. I have heard of diffrent ways to try but was wondering if anything works.

#2 Tubes or no tubes.

#3 What tires do you feel are the best to run. Our only rule is 9" footprint.

#4 Tire pressures? But I guess this goes back to question 1.

Thanks ahead of time.

posted July 25, 2001 07:40 PM
I have heard of people doing as dreamcatcher suggests with no problems, but I would be sure not to throw the wheel way out of balance. As far as tubes, they will hold a tire on the bead better with less pressure, but they build more heat and don't let the tire flex as much.

posted July 26, 2001 03:19 AM
after blowing tires 4 weeks in a row i started to run tubes never had a flat other then contact with other cars after that will not run with out them anymore. we run arro wheels and they hold up just fine without a lock on our hobby cars and most guys run them on there mods and stock cars around here too

posted July 27, 2001 07:46 AM
yes, just weld a bead all the way around the inside of the wheel. if you get it a little to thick its ok just grind it down smooth on the in side of the weld( helps seat the bead a little easier).make the bead about 1/8 inch thick. keep your air presure around 15 to 18 psi on a smooth track and around 20 to 23 on a rough track. and this will work. hope this helps . good luck.

posted August 02, 2001 09:29 AM
i use tubes also and have noproblem. if u use tube be sure to babypowder the snot out of them or they will tear on ya. the tubes will hold the tire to the rim better and if the tire should work away from the rim the tube may at least hold up till the end of the race where tubeless will go flat no chance to finish.

posted August 02, 2001 10:20 PM
Take a center punch and punch a few rows of
small holes into the wheel bead that should help.(wear ear plugs)

posted August 03, 2001 05:42 PM
15 to 18 is for 70 series tires and 7 inch wheeles and if you can run 8 inch wheeles with a 60 series tires 10 to 13 pounds. the reasons for the air being so much in the 70 series tires is so the tire does not lay down on you . good luck.

posted August 04, 2001 02:56 AM
yea, I run a 60 series tire (Hoosier Dirt boss) guess I should be more specific. I have a few with tubes and some without. Thanks for all the ideas and keep them comming. every little bit of knowledge helps.

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