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Author Topic:   opinions wanted
posted July 22, 2001 05:33 PM
i run a high banked 3/8 clay.
setup rf1000 lf900 rr175 lr225
shocks 76-2 74 94 94
air 15 7 10 10
stagger 1 1/4 rear
weight 680 690 779 953
front a arms lowers level , uppers rf 8deg lf 12deg rear trailing arms lowers 5 deg up
uppers 5-7 down
my rr is still 30 deg hotterthan rf lr
car is little loose off if i put more left
rear is tight in center
my shock travel rf 31/2 rr 21/2
i would like to try soften both rear by 25#
and take some cross out ?
would like some thoughts on this so
i do not waste money
runnin american racer ec 2
what is optimum temp on these?

posted July 23, 2001 09:43 AM
duck, You didn't specify which corner your weights were from to figure percentage.

posted July 23, 2001 06:26 PM
rf690 lf680 lr 954 rr 779
55.9 rear 52.7 lf 53 cross

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3x Racing
posted July 25, 2001 03:01 AM
It looks like the car is probably alittle tight getting in from the 53% cross you have, and forcing you to use alittle more steering than you should, then when you pick up the throttle your wheels are turned too far making you loose off. 56% rear is also maybe high for a high banked track. 54.5 to 55 should be enough. try adjusting your weights alittle closer to having your LF tire at least 150 lbs. heavier than your RF.
And 200 lbs of bite is the MOST you should ever have to run on a high banked track. More like 80 Lbs would be close. Again lower that cross to about 49%, maybe 50%. Your left side sounds about right (53%)
Your rear springs sound OK, and I'm assuming this is a metric car up front but even at that your front springs my be soft. High banks mean alot of suspension travel so you could be bottoming out the RF control arm causing your tight entry.

posted July 27, 2001 04:37 PM
thanks for responding
yes it is a little tight for the first few
laps. After race scaling ihave 54.5 rear%
there is a friend of mine that drove a car last year in same class ,said they ran 250lbs
left rear.if i go to 180 lt rear the car is
tight in center just like you described
another friend is runing 90lbs stock rear
springs metric 650 850 in front, blows my
mind. ihave 3 1/2 in shock trvel on right
front 2 in right rear not bottoming.
this is dry slick track.
any other ideas ,what should roll centers
be frt and rear

3x Racing
posted July 31, 2001 03:23 AM
I ment 80 of LR not 180 like you said. Meaning make the LR only 80lbs. heavier than the RR. Don't worry about what the other guy is doing...listen to your car. It's tight so let's losen it and go bye the other guys. If its metric and you total weight is 3400, go with a 1300 RF and 1200 LF spring. You HAVE to be bottoming out the LR A arm. Do you have the bump stops taken off the lowers? 3 1/2" of travel is alot. I mean ALOT. 2 - 2 1/2" should be about right, maybe 3". And 2" in the rear is very little. It sounds exactly like your bottoming out the front which won't let the rear unload and get you in the corner. Give me alittle more info about the type of car and the rules where you run.

posted July 31, 2001 10:19 PM
the car is metric 3235 after feature
i raised rear of car 5/8 of inch
to take some side bite out of right rear
car was good this week finished second
all over leader nothing on top groove
to get around
i will look at rf a arm to see if it is bottoming out
rt f lwr is level ,lt f lwr is up 5deg
i have had car set with 120 lbs left resr
exellant on tacky track
loose off bad on dry slick
i ran car this week at 160 lr
this is a hot stock 362 ci 2 barrel aclhol
making est 450 500 hp, engine set back #1 plug 1 inch behind top ball joint
imca stocks at track runnin 800 rt spring
i will check shock travel with last week settings and post
my tire pressure gain lf 1 lb rf 1 lb lr 1 lb
rr 2 1/2

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posted August 01, 2001 09:48 PM
shock travel lf 2 3/4 rf 3 1/8
lr 3 1/2 rr 2 3/4
i see no markings on either upper or lower
a arms bottoming out.
rubber bumper first thing to go.

posted August 02, 2001 09:09 PM
front end settings
caster lf 3deg + rt 5deg +
camber lf + .5 deg rt - 4 deg
1/8 toe

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