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Author Topic:   i thought i knew ????????
posted April 26, 2001 01:26 AM
I am building my first car and i have a few(lot of) questions. I am going to be running on a 1/4 mi. dirt track,the car will weigh 3100 lbs., 2bl 500cf only, 355 c.i.,cast iron factory heads only.I have the block back from the shop.i have a scat crank. we can do what we want to the engine but no alum.(except for the intake)
1.what cam should I use?
3.big valve heads or small?(I have both)
4.350TH,400TH or glide?
6.springs rates?(76 monte chassis)
I can change rear ends if I want. will a 10 bolt hold up? 12 bolt? 9inch? I just don't know where to go.
I know most guys I talk to run about a 630 final gear.

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posted April 26, 2001 01:00 PM
I currently race on a 1/4 mile track and I believe on a short track you should keep the cam simple. Many guys over cam their cars on short tracks. Stay away from the big wazu cams.

The cam you choose (along with other factors) will determine your gearing. Bigger cams with longer duration = lower gears.

I think a simple and effective & inexpensive transmission set-up you can use is a standard 3 speed with a stock type clutch - if the rules allow it. I know some rules that require automatics - if so, use a glide.

If you use the 10 bolt rearend get aftermarket axels. A 12 bolt is better and the 9" better yet because of strength, ease of gear changes and parts availability.

No offense, but I think fast19's spring setup is a little stiff. I would go along the lines of 1000 - 1100 rf, 925 - 1000 lf, 200 - 250 rr and 275 - 250 lr. Other than that he's got some good points.

E-mail me if you would like exact casting #s and part #s.

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