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Author Topic:   What Springs To Run?
posted March 04, 2001 09:49 PM
This is my first year racing. I'm running a 1985 Monte Carlo with a 355 engine 8.5 rear end and 342 gears. I will be running a 3/8 mile dirt track with little banking in the corners. Was wondering what I should run for springs on front and rear. Any help would be great. Thanks!!!

posted March 04, 2001 10:00 PM
RF 1200
LF 1000
RR 250
LR 300

posted March 08, 2001 09:40 PM
We talked about that spring combo, but he is heavier than that on the rear. we are only trying these springs and haven't even had the car on the scales yet, we just had the springs in the shop and thought they might work. My guess is we will probably go up on the rears and maybe down on the front but we'll try this on play day and see what happens.

posted March 23, 2001 05:00 PM
Hey RangeRover, you are right! We put the car on the scales and needed to add 400# plus the 200# driver to make weight. Our rear dropped dramaticly. We went up to a 300# lr a 250# rr a 1100# lf and a 1200# rf, might drop the left to 100# but we'll try this and see, also these rear springs are 11 inches the others were 13's so it looked good with no rear%, We'll practice next week and see how he does. Chat Later

posted March 24, 2001 04:48 PM
I guess the tracks you all run at are almost flat.

Here in Texas with a high banked track, that spring combo would do nothing but bottom out.
We are going to try a combo that is LF 1100,,RF 1300,,LR 200,, RR250. This is a 3356 lb car with 53%rear and 54% left side.

With the track scales a little off,, we should be within their 3400 lb weight rule.

In the past on stocks I have always run a LF 1200,, and RF 1600,, LR 200,, RR 250,, with a 3400 to 3500 lb car which in the past has worked very well.

I can understand the lighter springs on a I-STOCK which comes in at 2900 to 3000lbs.

Please tell me how they work.

Thanks the PEDDLER.