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Author Topic:   IMCA 8" tires info
posted March 02, 2001 03:17 PM
Rumor has it our track is planing a mid season switch to the IMCA 8" tires for the SS class. I am not familiar with these, can some one bring me up to speed on these, pro and cons, grooving ideas. Just trying to get a jump on the situation. THANKS

Kid Rock
posted March 02, 2001 08:11 PM
Yes on stagger and offsets.
most use cooper cobras, either 235/70(88")
255/60(85") or 225/70(86"). but any size is legal as long as tread width is 8"..

What is the going price on these tires?
Cobras are @$60..
The only reason I can think the reason for a switch would be to put money in the promotors pocket and the speed shop that would be selling them.

posted March 04, 2001 09:57 PM
The IMCA tires cost around $85 to $90 each. You will probably replace these tires more often also because they will wear faster than the regular street tires due to the softer tire compund. I have to replace the right rear on my open wheel after 4 nights of racing. These tires also don't have as much tread depth as regular street tires.

posted March 05, 2001 05:52 PM
If you know some Modified drivers, you can get good used tires cheap. I run the rears two shows and either stick them on the front or sell them, I get $20 to $30 for them. They will last a long time, and there are ways to get more life out of them, a four inch grinder with some sanding discs on the tires surface works well, if allowed, grooving or sipes will help. I like the idea, it helps the Mod guys recover a few dollars and helps the street stock guys save a few as well, and while your buying from the Mod guys (while handing them cash and watching the smile on their face) don't be afraid to ask a few questions and get a few pointers, they'll be more likely to help you if your helping them.....just my thoughts