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Author Topic:   Final gear ratios
posted February 21, 2001 09:26 PM
What kinda overall gear do yall think is the best for a 1/4 flat drag race type track.
And a 1/4 high banked track. With two barrel holley, soild cam, roller rockers ,headers, nascar pulloff hoosiers, 2900 to 3000 lb car

posted February 21, 2001 09:58 PM

Avg.RPM x Tire Circumference
Final Ratio= ------------------------------
Avg. MPH x 1056

You can try this formula and try asking some other people that run in your class what gearing works best.
For the tire circumference,measure around the outside of the right rear tire at racing pressure.

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posted February 27, 2001 10:33 PM
Thanks! But has anyone used or heard anything about the 7.00 and 6.83 ring and pinions out now. Does it help that much to have the transmission in high gear?

posted February 28, 2001 11:07 PM
yes, because you reduce the amount of torque transfered through the trans eliminating the chance of trans failure.

posted March 01, 2001 12:04 AM
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I waz not aware that they had finals in these ratio's. I thought 6.50 waz the lowest gear they made...Interesting.

posted March 16, 2001 08:23 PM
I am running a 7.00 final gear this year...all in the third member. The 7.00 gears are pretty expensive, but I think it'll be worth it. Running that with an ultra lite full spool and the aluminum pinion support. I will let you all know how it works. Between that and the lightened muncie (only third and fourth), it should rev quick..