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Author Topic:   Metric frame... Yea or Nea!
posted February 19, 2001 09:02 PM
Hey guys, Getting ready to build a new street stock car. I have always owned metric framed cars in the past,but have gotten my **** kicked by a few 73-77 malibu/monte cars in the past.I realize that they are a lot heavier but they really seem to hook up good when done right. Anybody out there a firm believer in the big cars versus the metric?
Let me know!

posted February 19, 2001 09:24 PM
I personally prefer the metric.

posted February 19, 2001 09:31 PM
The metric can be mad to work as good as ANY car..............
It's all about how much work you put into any car........the metric takes a little more work to get it to steer as good. The rear bite is dictated from the angles of the trailing arms. So welding the brackets on the rear end is very important.

posted February 20, 2001 08:57 PM
I have ran both.. I like the metric best..I have always had better luck with them.. pickel