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Author Topic:   FORWARD BITE ?
posted January 25, 2001 08:37 PM
Mod 93, I thought junkyard got the name from the track people..........EVERY TIME HE IS ON THE TRACK HE TURNED IT INTO A JUNK YARD...
.......I too looked at his profile and seen he was a car crusher........I thought he was kiddin us about being a racer for a living..
JUNKYARD<>>>>>>I'M SORRY>>>>>>>I"M SURE YOU"RE A HECK OF A SWELL GUY AND A SNAPPY DRESSER TOO.............. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to drive on into that hole that was closing fast.......I'm sorry if I rubbed you wrong.......but as long as I get to the finish line first that's OKAY....

posted January 25, 2001 08:59 PM
Yuck..Yuck ..yuck You guys are killing me. Well I can dish it out as well as I can take it. My Mamma always says(think of Forrest Gump right now)that is why baskin robbins has 31 flavors everybody don't like the same thing. I take it as a complement that you think I would try adding weight to the right rear , you see with my open mide I will try something that everyone else won't. Also as for my user name I build my cars out of a junkyard also. I'm the guy who builds a car for half the price and sometimes twice as fast.

posted January 25, 2001 09:09 PM
Junkyard, I'm glad you have a great outlook.
And you are right, we all don't like the same things.......I like short, fat, ugly, and smart women............they seem to be the most fun, not nessarly the best ride..
.......kinda like comparing a moped to a HD.
They are both fun to ride, just not in the daylight........Jeff

posted January 25, 2001 09:16 PM
Jeff......keep it clean.

posted February 27, 2002 11:34 AM
just moving to the front page......Jeff

posted February 27, 2002 12:11 PM
What about sidebite??? lol

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posted February 27, 2002 12:39 PM
jeff i agree with you man the reason we call it pinion angle is that gives you a reference point to measure the change it would be kinda hard to measure off a round housing this just gives us a common pointi run mine @6* down so it makes my top arms 1 1/4 shorter witch changes the angles of travel. but the other are also right the pinion itself has nothing to do with it. as for wear on ujoints don't worry about it i change mine every year and have not had one fail on me yet or the 7 cars we run out of our shop

posted February 28, 2002 05:11 PM
how much do you shorten the upper arms? i only had to shorten mine about 3/8 inch to get it set.
I have never read any article or talked to anybody that could convince me how pinion angle increases traction. at what point does the rearend use the drive shaft as a torque arm and lift up on the tranny?
the only reason to run any pinion angle at all is to keep the u joint straight under power. how much angle you need depends on what kind of suspension you have. real soft leaf springs are going to need more angle. a stock 4 link with heims instead of rubber bushings isnt going to need much because the rearend isnt going to move much. if you look under a 82 and newer camaro with a torque arm they have almost no angle at all.

posted February 28, 2002 09:04 PM
bryan, Don't be offended, that is just a expression......and I have SHARED TOO MANY THINGS to be considered record here on the forum sharing information speaks for it's self. I also stated that ANYONE that would ask a question gets the honest answer. So if you come and talk to me at the track and respect me you get the help and information you are looking for....
If you wait for me to walk away from the car and over to look at the line-up board, then you come over to look at my car.......I FEEL YOU ARE BEING A MONKEY.
A human has respect, and will do exactly what you do......come up introduce yourself, and ask question.........

You are also correct in that racing is suppose to be FUN........I have fun doing different things to my car and watching people look and laugh..........then when I finish better then they do, I take bets with the rest of the drivers as to what changes someone will make on their car for the next week.........that's fun for me. I enjoy helping people, but I also enjoy watching some smart mouth-know it all go backward after copying me................

I have given information on bump steer, safety, car construction, and many other subjects. I have also built cheater lower A-frames for people on this board, shipped them at my expense....and asked for NOTHING in return. I have built calipar brackets, and other parts............I have sold some parts through this forum, but for the most part I have given away MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more then I have charged for..........

looking at a car doesn't help you unless you know what you're looking at......what you see isn't always what you get.

I also told someone how to plumb a NOS system under a stock intake.......drill and tap the oil pressure outlet behind the intake.....drill it 2 inches down, and tap 1/8 pipe plug......then thread the top of the hole for a bigger fittting....I like a 3/8 NA......then cross drill to that port from the inside of the valley of the motor...and thread that for another fitting....#6 to the plentum
you can pick the oil pressure off the oil filter boss...........hide the NOS bottle inside a accusump oil system.....then run the lines under the dash.....

so when you are finished it looks like this

oil accusump inside car, plumbed to the top of the motor behind intake......threw port you created into valley of motor, into bottom of intake.........(the old oil perssure port)

oil pressure is taken from oil filter housing to the guage..........use a #8 fitting from the block to the dash.....then reduce to a #6 to the guage........

bottom of accusump is a #8 line under the dash reduce it to a #6 to the block at the back of the intake.......

Now it looks like you just have a accusump to oil the motor before start-up.....but in reality it's a NOS system plumbed into the bottom of the intake............

any other GREAT idea's you like to hear about????? that's better then the fake weight........execpt it's cheating.....I personally don't cheat. I have NO problem building cheater stuff for anyone else....

If I don't give a guy what he wants he will take his money down the street and spend it with someone that will build him what he wants......THAT'S BUSINESS.......


posted March 01, 2002 12:23 PM
Jeff has been more than helpfull to any and all who ASK questions or for advice.
Jeff always answers his PM's or questions directed to him.

Opinions are like Arseh0les, everyones got one.
And that was mine!!

posted March 01, 2002 06:11 PM
Bryon, would the car need to be hooked up??
YES...... and it also depends on the NOS system used.......

Now that I've shared the NOS system with everyone I will also elaberate on that subject.

If your track doesn't allow a accusump in the street stock class you can put a sneaky-pete under the intake......that would include the bottle, electric switch, and all plumging inside the motor. The wire to run the seleniod is plumbed the same way as the above system. You plug off the oil so it can't get to the top of the block at the back of the intake. Then take a electric guage sending unit.....drill out the bottom of the sending unit, and have direct contact all the way through the unit. This is only a "DUMMY" switch to let the wire into the vally of the motor to open and close the seleniod......

To fill the bottle without removing the intake you will need to drill and tap the bottom of the plentum with a 1 inch pipe thread plug........use a allen head plug.

I Don't like to see people use this method because the only way to shut the bottle off is the electric switch. And the fact that the bottle needs to be re-filled tooo often.

But it all fits under the intake, so if the rules don't allow a accusump and you still want NOS you now know HOW..........

and yes the car needs to be hooked up....the only place I see NOS as a benefit is when you catch a car and didn't time the pass correctly......the next straight away you can pass the car without backing off the throttle and waiting a lap to catch the car in a different spot on the track then the first time you caught him, too change the timing of the pass...........

But by half way down the straight almost ANY car would benefit from a shot of NOS......
it helps clear a car faster to get back into the prefered line.........instead of racing side by side for 3 laps heating the tires up.


has that been helpful enough for you Bryon?

I can only help people that ask questions. If you read the start of this post is was to what effect pinion angle had on forward bite.
I feel I answered that along with a few others.......I didn't state at what angles to put the trailing arms in or how long to make them or anything else.....because that wasn't asked............if you need ANYTHING answered you need to ask the question first.