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Author Topic:   Troubeling belts
posted August 28, 2000 07:37 PM
1.Quit going to the discount store and get yourself a named brand belt like Dayco ( not a made by dayco) a Gates or a Goodyear. You will find that there 1s a quality difference. Most racers in central Texas run a true Dayco TopCog Brand belt with no trouble.
2. Make sure that the belt is really streching and not wearing away the sides due to a rough pulley.When a belt wears it drops down into the pulley and acts like it streches.
3 Make darn sure that the pulleys are lined up. An out of align pulley will wear the belt quickly and also cause the belt to roll or jump off.
I hope this helps.


posted August 28, 2000 10:35 PM           
i read on another site that a guy ran v6 chevy van pulleys, they have deeper grooves and are smaller offering you a reduction which will help on power. try this i know of people that have and it does work if you cant run the aftermarket pulleys.
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Folger Graphix
posted August 29, 2000 10:09 AM
The new (October issue) has an article on losing belts. Pretty good article check it out.

Good Luck

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