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Author Topic:   Leaf Spring Bite
posted August 04, 2000 02:30 PM
They are right the more arch will help your bite..... But you need to change you rear spings and put the 175 on the right and your 200 on the left... also I would get the spring weights closer 100 - 150 # apart.300 is to much recomend start with 1000 left and 1100 right to start.

posted August 06, 2000 10:41 PM
I have 175 springs on mine, but I had to add a leaf to the right wheel due to the fact that the right rear wheel was going up into the fenderwell. According to my shocks I had too much shock travel. I added one leaf to the rear which should have brought it up to 200 on the right rear and 175 on the left. If I was to put 175 on the right rear and 200 on the left, how would I keep the wheel from going up into the fenderwell?

Brian Davis
posted August 07, 2000 08:43 PM
If your wheel is going up in your wheel well it is likely your spring is weak or you need a 200 on the right and a 225 on the left . If you don't have a difference in spring weight you can't get the weight to transfer for good side bite and forward also.When ever you lose bite in a car with leafs .The first thing to do is change your springs and when you aren't racing get the weight off of the leafs they sag quickly.

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