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Author Topic:   Tires & tubes
posted May 19, 2000 03:57 PM
Anyone ever run tubes in their tires? I've got a couple of tires with slow leaks. The tread is hardly broken in yet so I'd hate to junk $140 tire.
Thanks in advance.

posted May 19, 2000 07:24 PM
I have run them in Nascar pulloffs too, Tubes are fine, just make sure the inside is clean and no edges anywhere. Anything inside will eat them up under low pressures.

24ksi Racing
posted May 29, 2000 12:42 PM
tubes ar ok just sure they match the width tire u have if u are running a tire such as rc 3 etc try something as a farm implement type tube 11.5/5L 15-16 GOOD YEAR had a tube we used several yrs ago that work great they used them in ditch witch tires we ran tubes 25 yrs and i promise u we finished a lot of races we wouldnt have not been for that and we tried both ways and could not tell any difference just dont go and pay 50to 60.00 for those so called racin tubes

posted June 23, 2000 09:54 PM
We used to go to the closest farmer's association and pick up those implement tubes that are really thick, made for fertilizer buggies, they work pretty well.

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