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Author Topic:   BELTS
posted April 01, 2000 04:39 PM
HELP!--I keep throwing belts---I had this problem last year too-----I run an alternator & ps.
on a hobby stock-----the first time out I threw the PS belt which in turn took out the
belt--one of the two grooves on the ps. was not in line with its counter parts,I solved that
I went to the other groove and the belt stayed on the next time out. But then I threw the
alt. belt
on the second time out.

Over the winter I replaced all the pulleys with a match set off of another engine from a
street car
Keep in mind that I run IMCA hobby stock so I dont have many options when it comes to
When I idle the car up to about 4 k rpm's and higher the alternator belt starts dancing
between the crank pulley
and the alternator.I maybe answering my own problem here, but I've noticed that the
waterpump pulleys have a
little run out (not a whole lot) as you spin it with out belts no matter which set of pulleys
are on it.
Could this be the problem,could the mounting surface on the water pump its self be warped
enough to throw the belts
in a higher rpm situation??


ps.Don't tell me to loose the alternator-it's not happening

posted April 01, 2000 04:49 PM
Sorry should have posted under purestock

posted April 01, 2000 04:52 PM
Dayco Top Cog belts will not stretch as much and are what we started using, no more problems on that. Some of the cheaper belts will act like rubber bands under stress. Hope this helps.

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posted April 02, 2000 11:42 AM
Sounds like you need to reduce your pulley system down a little bit which can be done very easily and cheap. This is how you do it. Find you an old Chrysler 6 cyclinder truck upper pulley and a Chev. 6 cly. lower pulley...which will slow everything down...which should take care of your problem. Thanks John

X-1R Guy
posted April 04, 2000 10:14 AM
I spent the day today checking the water pump with three different w/p pulleys and then checked the same pulleys on two other water pumps I had laying around. And the one on the car was the only one that showed the pulleys having any run out, so the water pump is going back for the warranty thing!
Plus I'm going to try mounting my alt. on the left side and drive it seperate from my water pump(3 groove pulley on water pump)that way I can shorten my alt.belt.On the two 1/2 mile tracks I run I usally turn it around 65-6800 rpm's and the alt. belt likes to dance.

24ksi Racing
posted April 05, 2000 04:39 PM
It never occured to me that you might have a different belt set up than mine. And I run the alternator like you, come **** or high water.

On my set up, I use all the stock brackets. I have a 3 groove pulley on the bottom and a two groove on the top. The PS pump is on the driver's side, and is driven by its own belt. The alternator is on the passenger's side and is driven by a belt that loops around both pulleys and the alt. This leaves the middle groove open on the lower pulley which aligns with the back groove on the upper. So, I run a 36" belt directly between them. It's a tough fit, but it guarantees no slippage.

And nothing will help you when you lose a belt. As you have seen, when one goes, it takes 'em ALL out!


posted April 05, 2000 08:35 PM
I prefer to loop the power steering and save that problem the alt belt and the 36 belt as you say will give very little trouble and if you get all the air out of the system or most it's not that hard to drive but diff strokes

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