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Author Topic:   Who Runs a Ford Street Stock?
posted March 26, 2000 08:13 AM
Who out there runs a Ford street stock? I ran a 1979 Thunderbird (strut-bar front suspension), but now I am building a 1985 Crown Vic that I shortened to 108" wheelbase and put a 1984 Mercuty Cougar body on it.

What motor do you use? Exhaust? Intake?

How competetive are you at your track?

Any helpful tips?

Thank you,

posted March 26, 2000 09:26 AM
I run an '80 LTD with a 351W and I'm stick'in right with those camaros.E-mail me if you've got any questions at

posted March 26, 2000 04:44 PM
I'm currently running a 77 cougar and I'm building an 82 marquis.I run middle of pack on a very limited budget. I run a 351w with good power.I you have any questions you can e mail me. good luck us ford people have to stick together

posted March 30, 2000 10:32 AM
I just started a website just for Ford street stocks and grassroots racing, bear with its simplicity, I just did it today, but stop buy and check it out and tell all your Ford friends to stop by. Thanks. the address is

posted April 13, 2000 11:34 AM
Here's an awesome lookin 88 Tbird Stocker
Sideways in the dirt,check it out,

I'd like to build one similar
to this but I want to use a newer body.
Currently I am not a racer :-(
Maybe next year!

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