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Author Topic:   METHANOL!
Pit Bull
posted October 15, 2002 08:52 PM
My books tell me the Buick weighs 50lbs more than the small block. Did you have to do anything special to get it through the turns?
What rpm range? What size track? Final gear ratio?

On the meth, Seems to me that I read once that you get more torque but I can't say from any personal knowledge.

Pit Bull
posted October 15, 2002 10:50 PM
If it is legal, I find it surprising that the whole class isn't doing it! You can expect a discernable boost in mid-range torque, and once you learn how to live with it, you will not be sorry. I would not broadcast the fact that you are running alky, and in fact I would try to hide it, but that is just me. If and when others find out, there will probably be a big stink, and everyone will wail that you are increasing the cost of racing, and alky should be outlawed. Keep in mind that there is a learning curve involved, and the WHOLE SYSTEM needs to be converted, not just the carb. Figure twice as much flow, so pump needs upgrading, lines got to get bigger. Every line, tank, fitting, gasket, and piece of rubber in the system needs to be compatible with the new fuel.

posted October 16, 2002 04:50 PM
yeah, monster is correct. you'll be on your own as to tuning that beast. you'll probably be breaking new ground. nobody in the country that i've heard of has any experience with running a 455 cube engine on alky through a 2bbl. good luck and i hope you have a spare engine. alcohol and pistons don't get along very well if the mixture is lean. be prepared to change the oil a lot more often.

rico 08
posted October 17, 2002 05:09 PM
one disadvantage to it will be at the end of the race you will have burned off twice as much fuel as the otherguys and you may be too light in the rear because you burn roughly twice as much methanol vs gas,on a 3/8 mile track with that big of an engine even thru a two barrel you may burn half a gallon a lap!this is why especially on the bigger races the late model guys use gas and only use methanol in the qualifying races.

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