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Author Topic:   pro stock motor help
posted September 17, 2002 08:11 AM
Not sure what your budget is , but I would look into a chevy crate engine, thay have a350 w/vortech heads that should fit your needs, around $2000, another option would be to call Midwest Motorsports,
1-800-262-5033 they do a very nice job of buildiing cheap reliable engines.


posted September 17, 2002 09:59 PM
Sell your camel backs on ebay to someone needing matching numbers. Then go and buy a set of VORTEC heads! there are manifolds made for this!! I'll look for the link. Those camel backs are really really outdated! there is far better stuff to be had. Besides that just get a good set of pistons and a steel crank. Have the rotating stuff balanced! Don't be hasty picking out a cam. Do some digging and see what will work best. Maybe buy 2 cams and try em both to see which the motor likes best?? Use a good rocker like harland sharp or scorpion (i know they sound goofy) and put oil restrictors into the lifter gallies to cut back on the supply to the top end. Get as much compression as you dare have with the fuel you can use. i'll post more when i think of it.

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